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The Jovell – 2700 sqm lagoon pool stretches across almost the entire development

Executive condominiums (EC) are statically a value buy, recent years prices have increased quite a bit. The only EC launched in 2019. With record land prices and the start of a whole new price range set for ECs going forward. Will Piermont Grand be worth getting?





  • The Jovell is one of the most affordable entry prices for a condominium now
  • People staying in this area like Pasir Ris or people working close to this location will not mind this location for their own stay


  • Many options are available to choose from in the east investment-wise.
  • Capital appreciation will be slow as major transformation is completed



Nearby Schools

Floor Plan



The latest development in flora drive is also the developers’ 10th development in the area. Tripartite Developers Pte Ltd (Tripartite) is a joint venture formed by Hong Leong Holdings Limited (HLHL), City Developments Limited (CDL), and TID Pte Ltd.

In the 1970s, Tripartite made a bold move to acquire more than 3 million square feet of land in the Upper Changi North Area. Over the years, they have developed nine condominiums, and The Jovell is the 10TH and latest development. There will be one last plot of land to build another condominium in the future.

Interestingly, the past and current developments are all named after flowers in alphabetical order.

In total, there are 14 developments in the vicinity. The others that Tripartite Developers Pte. Limited does not develop are Avila Gardens (1995) and Estella Gardens (1999) by Bonsel Development Pte Ltd Palm Isles by Frasers Centrepoint Homes (2015) Parc Olympia (2015) by Koh Brothers.

Azalea Park999 years1996
Ballota ParkFreehold2000
Carissa ParkFreehold2003
Dahlia ParkFreehold2004
Edelweiss ParkFreehold2006
Ferraria ParkFreehold2010
The GaleFreehold2014
Hedges Park99 years2015
The Inflora99 years2017
The Jovell99 years2022
In total, there are 14 developments in the vicinity. The others that Tripartite Developers Pte. Limited does not develop are Avila Gardens (1995) and Estella Gardens (1999) by Bonsel Development Pte Ltd Palm Isles by Frasers Centrepoint Homes (2015) Parc Olympia (2015) by Koh Brothers.


The Jovell

The Jovell
Location11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27 Flora Drive
Expected T.O.P1 February 2022
Number of Units428
The Jovell sits on an odd-shaped land. There are 428 units on a 242,558 sq ft land size. There are 9 blocks of 8-storey, due to height restriction because of the proximity to the airport. It’s a good unit to land size ratio. At The Jovell, it is much like an island resort. You do not need to travel to Sentosa because the main highlight will be the 29,063 sq ft swimming pool. It covers almost the entire length of the development! The lagoon concept has 2 artificial “islands” in the middle of the swimming pool with unique facilities like rope bridge and artificial beach. Another development that adopts almost similar concept is Parc Clematis. At The Jovell, it is like a vacation home. Another highlight, the stone alcove with hot and cold jacuzzi is something that you will see in the Martial art drama like the return of the condor hero. It helps your body to rejuvenate and a good relaxing corner here.
Since the surrounding condominiums are all built by the same developer, it gives the developer good control of giving all their developments a good setback over one another. At The Jovell, units are designed to give a maximum setback to the surrounding developments.
North facing units mostly are facing Dahlia Park Condominium and The Gale tennis court. You are unlikely to experience your neighbors looking into your unit, and it can maintain some form of privacy. Likewise, for south-facing units, for example, blk 17 is facing the swimming pool before the nearest block to The Inflora, and its units are not facing The Jovell. The effort they put in is commendable to plan these over the years.

Stacks to choose?

Since other projects surround it, inwards facing stacks will be preferred. For this case, the highlight in the development is the swimming pool, starting from blk 13 all to the way to the last blocks. It is safe to say if you are facing inwards, it is most likely a pool-facing unit.

I prefer to avoid block 11 if possible. Stacks like 1, 2, and 3 face the bin center, substation, and generator set. Stacks 5,6 and 7 are direct west sun-facing. To make matters worse, you will constantly face the noise pollution from the cars and school buses. It is not all gloom and doom in block 11. The advantage is that you are the nearest to the main entrance.

Moving on to block 12, stacks 12,13 and 14 are also west sun-facing units. Although it is close to the arrival court, you enjoy the pool view here. If pool-facing units are not your option, stacks facing north, such as 8,9, and 10, have a good setback to Dahlia Park and face their tennis court.

Best stacks?

Blk 17,19 and 21 are the best stacks, in my opinion. Pool-facing units are 2-bedroom with study to 4-bedroom unit type. Usually, we can see that the developer would tend to place the bigger units with a premium view or at the most optimum “position” in the development, especially so for 4 bedrooms, the biggest unit type in Jovell.
The Listing Colony preferred stacks
1-Bedroom (with study)40,46,57,20,22,9,39
2-Bedroom (with study)45,37,41,25,34,12,8
3-Bedroom (with Yard)26,56,50,17

Looking for something closer to an MRT station?

Click to view Midwood!


Market and Food CentreShopping MallSupermarkets
2.3km Pasir Ris Central1.01km Loyang Point0.70km Giant Tampines Mart
2.7km Tampines Round Market1.75km Changi City Point1.01km Giant Loyang Point
5.0km Changi Village2.95km Tampines One/ Tampines Mall/ Century Square1.10km Sheng Siong Loyang Point Complex

In the far eastern part of Singapore, district 17, its location will favor those working in the area or in the aviation industry (Boeing, Changi airport all are within less than 10 mins drive).

Traveling via private transport will be a breeze from The Jovell. Once you head out, it will take 2 minutes to reach Loyang Avenue or Upper Changi Road North. From there, it will be well connected to TPE and PIE.

If you are not driving, the nearest MRT station will be Tampines East Station, but it is not direct. The fastest way to get there will be by bus. You can take 3 mins to walk to Carissa Park bus stop (Bus stop ID: 98309) and take bus service 4. You will reach the station in 3 stops. Although you can walk to the station in 20 mins, I would prefer not to walk under the scorching sun!

By bus, bus numbers 2, 4, 5, and 37 serve the residents in this area. This will be the main mode of transportation if you are not driving. The bus stops are all within a 3 to 6 mins walk. The nearest ones are after Ballota Park and before Mariam’s walk. The buses will take you to most places in the East, such as Tampines Mall, Pasir Ris Central, and Changi Hospital. Most places are all within few stops reach unless you are traveling out for work that is not in the area.

Although the location is great for people working in the far east, school-going kids do not have many options. Within 1 km, we have East Spring Primary and Secondary School only. Students will have to travel further for more options.

Schools nearby The Jovell (Photo: The Listing Colony)

The Jovell, 1-bedroom (with study), Type (1+1)a1, 527 sq ft

The Jovell 1-Bedroom (plus study) showflat layout
At 527 sq ft for a 1 bedroom plus study is slightly above average in size. There is a long walkway in from the entrance.
The Jovell Type (1+1)a, entrance
After that, it will be pretty much a spacious and squarish layout. The living room has a wide frontage. It feels more like a 2 bedroom living room space. This layout is not commonly seen.
The Jovell, 1-Bedroom (with study), Type (1+1)a, living
The smart positioning of kitchen creates a huge living space.
The Jovell 1-Bedroom (plus study), Type (1+1)a, kitchen
The position of the study room makes it flexible for multiple usages. If you don’t need the study, then you can get an ID at your own cost to remove the wall and extent your living area. This will create a bigger living room. If you need a study space, then there’s a limitation in this layout. You cannot alter the layout much to your own needs.
The Jovell, 1-Bedroom (plus study), Type (1+1)a, study
At least the toilet has dual excess from the common area and the master bedroom.
The Jovell, 1-bedroom (plus study), Type (1+1)a, bathroom
The master bedroom can fit a queen-sized bed. That’s the best you can do for the master bedroom.
The Jovell, 1-bedroom (plus study), type (1+1)a, master bedroom

The Jovell 2-bedroom + study, type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft

The Jovell 2-bedroom + study, type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft, floor plan
It is a flexible 2 bedroom + study layout, at 678 sq ft. It is considered on the smaller side comparing the surrounding developments. Please take a closer look at the floor plan. It is a very efficient and well-optimized layout.
The Jovell, 2-bedroom (plus study), type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft, L-shaped kitchen
L-shaped kitchen, with the kitchen tucked away in a corner, creating a decent dining space. Usually, for such a unit size, it is not easy to place a proper dining table.
The Jovell, 2-bedroom (plus study), type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft, living & dining area

The living room is bigger than average too, very similar to a new 3 bedroom condominium or an HDB BTO 4 room flat living space. An L-shaped longer and wider sofa can be seen in the show unit and still give you a good TV to sofa distance.

The Jovell, 2-bedroom (plus study), type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft, living & balcony

The balcony is of the right size. If you wish to place the dining table on the balcony is possible, or you can extend your living space.

The common room can fit a queen-sized bed, and there will not be enough space to do much here. There will be an air-con ledge in the window area. Therefore, it will not be a full-length window.

The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, bedroom 2
The functional study room comes with a full-length window; natural lighting can light up the walkway, making the unit bright and airy. The study is tucked in a corner; this can double up as a storeroom as well.
The Jovell, 2-bedroom (plus study), type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft, study
It is a bigger living space than the average newly launch condominium 2 bedroom and 2 + study in the market-wide living frontage for maximum natural lightings. With just one bathroom, there is dual entry access to the bathroom. The bathroom can be accessed by a sliding door from the master bedroom or a swing door from the common area.
The Jovell, 2-bedroom (plus study), type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft, bathroom

The master bedroom is just slightly bigger than the common room. It can fit a king-sized bed or a queen-sized bed with a small table.

The Jovell, 2-bedroom (plus study), type (2+1)a - 678 sq ft, master bedroom

3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft

The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, floor plan
From the entrance, it is a long walkway leading to the living room.
The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, entrance

The living and dining are back to back. Not exactly a big space but it is sufficient for a 3 bedroom.

The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, living & dining area
The enclosed kitchen is functional with lots of storage space—a proper and decent kitchen to do heavy cooking.
The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, kitchen
The common bathroom has dual access like the 2-bedroom type we see previously, by a swing door from the common area and a sliding door from the common bedroom. Interestingly, this makes it ensuite.
The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, common bathroom
The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, bedroom 1
Bedroom 2, at the far end of the floor plan, is usually the position for the master room. Fit a queen-sized bed, and that’s about it. On a brighter note, all bedrooms in this layout have a full-length window.
The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft. bedroom 2
Master bedroom, if you fit in a queen-sized bed, you can put a table at the side. If it is a king-sized bed, then you can put anything else further.
The Jovell 3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, master bedroom
The master bathroom feels homely and has a good thoughtful pocket of space to put toilet paper and the shower area to put your shampoo and soap.
3 Bedroom Type (3)a - 904 sq ft, master bathroom

Price analysis

DescriptionThe JovellParc KomoThe TapestryTreasures At TampinesParc Central Residences (EC)
LocationFlora DriveJalan MariamTampines Street 86Tampines Street 11Tampines Street 86
Tenure99 years leaseholdFreehold99 years leasehold99 years leasehold99 years leasehold
No. of units4282768612203700
Average psf$1260$1501$1378$1369$1174

Comparing to the surrounding launches. The Jovell is the most affordable, excluding Parc Central Residences (which is an executive condominium). In fact, The Jovell prices are comparable to an EC. It may, in fact, be a good choice for 2nd timer to consider this compared to an EC due to the HDB resale levy. For first-time owners, due to covid 19, construction has been delayed significantly. It is a long wait for a built-to-order flat unit now and not forgetting about the 5 years minimum occupation period with another land parcel by Hong Leong coming up right beside soon, very likely at a higher price. The Jovell looks attractive firsthand, but with its location or tenure that might not be in everyone’s favor, you definitely have options to choose from.

There are past 9 Tripartite Developers Pte Ltd (Tripartite) developments in this area that we can compare and learn about what may happen if we were to buy Jovell. Since the developer bought the land in 1970, we cannot really compare the land price then and now. Over the years, they have been finding the right time to launch new developments.

CondominiumTenureTOPUnitsAverage psf
Azalea Park999 years1996316$832
Ballota ParkFreehold2000365$777
Carissa ParkFreehold2003528$877
Dahlia ParkFreehold2004299$808
Edelweiss ParkFreehold2006517$837
Ferraria ParkFreehold2010472$923
The GaleFreehold2014329$956
Hedges Park99 years2015501$949
The Inflora99 years2017396$1024
The Jovell99 years2022428$1276

The Inflora, TOP in 2017, is the latest condominium in this area. The Inflora is launched at a time where The Jewel Changi Aiport is under construction. This is the main transformation here. 3 years after TOP in 2017, The Jewel Changi Airport is opened.

Out of 84 resale transactions,76 transactions are profitable, with 8 unprofitable transactions. Most buyers profit from the above, excluding stamp duty, agent commission, and other miscellaneous fees. Overall, the annualized return is rather low. On the 8 unprofitable transactions, they did not make a loss too badly in these cases, but it is rather bizarre since the buyers bought at roughly the same time as those that made profits.

The Inflora latest 10 profitable transactions. Credit: URA, Edgeprop
The Inflora unprofitable transactions. Credit: URA, Edgeprop

Based on the average selling price of The Inflora, $1024 psf, TOP 2016. and comparing to the surrounding new launch executive condo and condominiums. By 2023, when The Jovell is ready, it will be 8 years younger than The Inflora. The Jovell is well priced at an average of $1276 psf and the most affordable new launch condominium in Singapore.

Maintenance Fee

Unit TypeSize (Sq ft.)Number of UnitsShare valueEstimated Maintenance Charges per Month (Subject to GST)
1-bedroom & 1-bedroom +study41sqm to 49sqm845$290
2-bedroom, 2-bedroom + study, 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom + yard59sqm to 96sqm3206$320
4-bedroom114sqm to 118sqm247$406

The maintenance fee at The Jovell is on the cheaper end. Considered what you will be paying for conservancy charges and sheltered parking for a HDB 5 room flat. With all these including the facilities, 3 bedrooms will estimate to be from $264 and the bigger units of 4 and 5 bedrooms at $308.

Final Words

While The Jovell is one of the most affordable entry prices for a condominium now, it is not a top choice location for most people. I do think that people staying in this area like Pasir Ris or people working close to this location will not mind this location for their own stay. The price point is definitely attractive, but there are many options to choose from in the east investment-wise. Capital appreciation will be slow as most major transformation is completed. On the bright side, Tripartite Developers Pte Ltd (Tripartite) will release the final plot of land soon, very likely at a higher price.

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