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All Green at Royalgreen?

One of three Allgreen Properties along Bukit Timah Road and District 10, Royalgreen is the latest freehold condominium project snapping up the land where Royalville previously stood..





5 mins walk to MRT station and supermarket, Freehold status, Education Belt, District 10.


High average cost psf, Slow growth for property prices, Potential traffic issues.



Nearby Schools

Floor Plan


Developer’s Background

Allgreen Properties was incorporated back in 1986 and is the real estate arm of the Kuok Group. One of the largest property groups in Singapore, Allgreen is known for their quality developments and have a diversified portfolio comprising of residential, commercial, office and retail properties such as Great World City, Tanglin Mall and Tanglin Place and more. With its latest venture the Bukit Timah Collection, their focus in residential properties along Bukit Timah Road are namely Royalgreen, Fourth Avenue Residences and Juniper Hills.

Juniper Hill
Fourth Avenue Residences

Allgreen Properties and the main contractor for the development of Royalgreen has one of the best track record for their developments. This has been certified by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore who assesses developers and contractors according to the CONQUAS score. The CONQUAS score assesses the quality of workmanship of developers and contractors in 3 areas; Structural, Architectural and Mechanical & Electrical works.

Photo Credits: BCA
According to the data extracted from BCA, Allgreen has an average CONQUAS score of 95.6% from the year 2015 to 2016. The main contractor, Woh Hup (Pte) Ltd, has also attained many Star and Excellent ratings in QM as well.


Project Details & Site Plan

LocationAnamalai Avenue
Expected T.O.P31 December 2022
Number of Units285
Site and Roof Plan
Located in district 10, the full facilities freehold condominium in Royalgreen showcases 285 units ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms. This development sits in one of Bukit Timah’s prime areas and embraces a multi-faceted concept of having greenery as the main feature of the its design throughout the condominium. From landscaping the deck on the ground level all the way to the roof terrace, Royalgreen looks to create a unique experience in its Forest Grove Court and Central Green for their residents.
Site Plan

The condominium is not exactly North-South facing as mostly advertised but let’s face it; we have seen worst. The approximated distances between each blocks are also quite decent. Off the very top of our heads, this project seems to have almost everything of what a buyer desires when it comes to its facilities. A clubhouse close to the main arrival entrance and a 50 meter lap pool as well as other separate pools with specific purposes becomes apparent for newer developments A tennis court at the roof terrace is a little unconventional but yet again nothing we have not seen before. And lastly, the basement level of the project holds 285 lots of parking space that equates to one lot for every unit in this development.

How Convenient is the Location?

District 10
Well for starters, it’s in district 10; the all esteemed district 10. Royalgreen is located in the prime area of district 10. Yes, we’ve said it 3 times. Apart from the exclusivity of being in this district and in the Core Central Region (CCR) of Singapore, it is in fact surrounded by low-rise private houses. Not that Royalgreen is a high-rise project itself and standing at a plot ratio of 1.4 , it is only 5 stories high for each block as well. Literally situated along Bukit Timah Road, Royalgreen is indeed in a very favourable position because of where it stands.
Royalgreen Location

Just adjacent to the main road and another turn away to Sixth Avenue, it may seem like it is easy to access these roads from the condominium. Well, yes and no. At certain hours, Anamalai Avenue is known for its atrocious single-lane traffic situation. While the various food and beverage options and other amenities located in that area gives their residents plenty of convenience within 5 minutes of walking, driving through the smaller roads could test your patience at certain times of the day.

In addition, the traffic control situation alone the juncture of Sixth Avenue and Bukit Timah Road is another problem altogether. The nearest supermarket is located at Guthrie House, a mere 3 minutes of walking from Royalgreen; with quite a few food and beverage options to choose from in between. Moreover, a 5 minute drive can take you to the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and on either side of Bukit Timah Road, can take you as far as Beauty World or Adam Road Food Centre; where there are plenty of other food and beverage options on top of more supermarket chains along the way. An 11 minute drive can take you directly to the heart of Orchard Road and the CBD is just about 15 minutes away.

Just 1 minute’s walk away from MRT station?

Click to view Fourth Avenue Residences!

Getting Around – MRT

Royalgreen is located close to Sixth Avenue Station on the Downtown Line

Royalgreen is located very close to Sixth Avenue MRT station on the Downtown Line (DTL) and easily connects its passengers with access to the different train lines. The 4-minute walk to the station is only sheltered until the part where you have to cross the road to the nearest underground train entrance. We really like properties located along the DTL because of its connectivity to the other train lines. A 14-minute train ride can take you across to Bugis Downtown Line station whilst passing through interchanging stations that connects to all the other major train lines such as the Circle Line (CC) at Botanic Gardens, the future Thomson-East Coast Line (TE) at Stevens, the North-South Line (NS) at Newton and the North East Line (NE) at Little India.

The Education Belt of Bukit Timah

The Education Belt of Bukit Timah reflected along the Downtown Line

As much as we do not like to categorize the different educational institutes in Singapore, there are many of the considered “prestigious” educational institutes within 4 train stations from Sixth Avenue as depicted in the image above. In our experience, schools around the vicinity sometimes play a part in the decision making process to own or simply adding value to a property. There are 4 primary schools which are located within a 2 kilometer radius for parents looking to stand a higher chance of enrolling their young children into one; they are Methodist Girls’ Primary School (1.211 km), Raffles Girls’ Primary School (1.328 km), Nanyang Primary School (1.906 km) and Henry Park Primary School (1.986 km).

Showflat Experience

ID Treated Showrooms

2 Bedroom + Study

3 Bedroom + Study

Project Mix

Royalgreen Site Plan with approximate distance
Royalgreen Unit Distribution

The 285 unit development stands at 5 stories high for each block and uniquely to the 1st and 5th stories of each block, the floor to ceiling height is at 3.2m as compared to a typical condominium floor to ceiling height of 2.8 – 2.9m high. The unit distribution chart above shows that the 2 Bedroom Premium and 2-Bedroom + Study units hold the highest concentration of 26% and 21% respectively of the total number of units. There are also the 2 Bedroom + Guest and 4 Bedroom + Study units where there are no more than 4 units each in the entire property.

Maintenance Fees

Unit TypeNumber of UnitsSize (Sq ft.)Share ValueEstimated Maintenance Charges per Month (Subject to GST) – SGD
2 Bedroom Type B39635 – 7216$420
2 Bedroom Premium Type BP75667 – 7216$420
2 Bedroom + Study Type BS60721 – 8296$420
2 Bedroom + Guest Type BG3807 – 8616$420
3 Bedroom Type C42926 – 9906$420
3 Bedroom + Study Type CS441,044 – 1,0766$420
4 Bedroom + Study Type DP41,2597$490
4 Bedroom Premium Type DS181,432 – 1,4757$490

The estimated maintenance fees for Royalgreen are similar for 2 Bedroom to 3 Bedroom + Study units due to the same share value while the 4 Bedroom units are estimated to be about $70 more per month.

Estimated Price Guide

Unit TypeSize (Sq ft.)Estimated Price of remaining units (Starting from.) – SGDPrice psf. (Starting from.) – SGD
2 Bedroom Type B635 – 721$1,728,000$2,721 psf
2 Bedroom Premium Type BP667 – 721$1,825,000$2,736 psf
2 Bedroom + Study/Guest Type BS/BG721 – 861$1,975,000$2,739 psf
3 Bedroom Type C926 – 990$2,507,000$2,707 psf
3 Bedroom + Study Type CS1,044 – 1,076$2,846,000$2,670 psf
4 Bedroom + Study Type DP1,259$3,531,000$2,805 psf
4 Bedroom Premium Type DS1,432 – 1,475$3,978,000$2,778 psf

The estimated pricing for Royalgreen starts from about $1.728 to $3.978 million for 2 Bedroom to 4 Bedroom units and the estimated average price for all units is about $2,737 psf.

Comparison of Floor Plans

2 Bedroom
Premium - Type BP-1
Study - Type BS-1

These two layouts probably will be the more popular options due to the conservative dumbbell concept. Each unit comes with 2 bathrooms included and a super-efficient layout with no wastage of space unlike the 2 Bedroom layouts. These two layouts also hold the highest concentration for the number of units available in this development; with 75 and 60 units available for 2 Bedroom Premium and 2 Bedroom + Study respectively.

2 Bedroom + Guest

Type BG-1(p)- #01-11
Type BG-2(p) – #01-12
There are only one of each of these 2 Bedroom + Guest layouts in the entire Royalgreen condominium; specifically only one each. Located at the first level of Blocks 2 and 2A, the 2 Bedroom + Guest (as the name suggests) is a layout with an additional guest room. It technically resembles a 2 Bedroom + Study layout but adds a doorway to that of a study room. Although it is pretty odd for the guestroom to be located the way it is for type BG-1(p) BG-2(p), we guess the guest wouldn’t be complaining much about it. An interesting way to re-phase a probably a marketing term, but a good middle ground in between a 2 Bedroom + Study and a 3 Bedroom unit.
Type BG-3(p) – #01-03

For what is probably the best option of the 3 unique ones, we like the type BG-3(p) the most and it stands out because it closely resembles that of an effective 3 Bedroom dumbbell concept layout that is well balanced on either side of the living area. An almost efficient layout except for the small space wastage at the main entrance. Well, you win some you lose some.

4 Bedroom + Study

Type DS-1(p)

Another unique layout for Royalgreen is that there are only 4 of these units available for the entire condominium. Similar to the 2 Bedroom + Guest layout, the type DS-1(p) are also all located on the first level of Blocks 2B, 6, 6A and 6B; and specifically to #01-18/39/45 and 53. A maximized layout to that of a typical 4 bedroom unit with an enclosed kitchen with access to the yard and also the study; except for the junior master bedroom. Although it is not uncommon for a 4 bedroom unit to sometimes come with a junior master bedroom and the layout is similar to that of a dumb bell concept, something just irks us on where it is situated within the unit itself. It is no doubt a great layout but let’s just attribute it to the fact it is a dumbbell concept; even if it is just a lob-sided one at that..

Should I invest in this property?

Contrary to popular belief, property prices in Singapore are not always profitable. There are many factors that could influence the prices of properties and cause them to fluctuate and the onus is on ourselves to justify a purchase of this magnitude. Perhaps start by setting aside all personal preferences and prejudice, and try to interpret the figures that are to follow.

Average Price for Freehold Condos in District 10
Average Price PSF for Freehold Condos in District 10

Photo Credits:

According to the data from, there has been a 15.47% increase in the property prices for freehold condominium in District 10 (1 January 2010 to 8 May 2020). That is an average of 1.547% increase in the value of the properties for that decade. The average cost psf was also at an estimated $1,769 for properties in 2010 and $2,561 psf in 2020, resulting in a 44.79 % increase psf for the same time period. This is based on the data that averages the total number of units sold in that particular year.

Average Price for Royalgreen Vs Neighbouring Freehold Condos
Average Price PSF for Royalgreen Vs Neighbouring Freehold Condos
Photo Credits:

Likewise, we compared Royalgreen and its direct freehold condominium neighbours during the same time frame and have seen an increase of 28.17% for property prices and a whopping 110.16% increase in price psf. Considering that there are many upsides to owning a property in District 10, why aren’t the property prices making really good money, really fast?

Photo Credit: Edgeprop
We have said it before, and we will say it again. Land is a scarcity in Singapore. There are no doubts that the tenure of land (freehold) plays a part in the price and appeal of a development. But land prices are constantly on the rise and with more land listed for En Bloc sales, this on one hand itself, pushes the prices of land higher (ignoring other costs and inflation involved). But you might still be thinking, it is the District 10! Surely the pros outweigh the cons and said benefits would definitely reflect in the price that people should be willing or expected to pay for the property…right?

Final Words

Let us quickly revisit some of the basic needs and positives for prospective owners hoping to buy Royalgreen. The full-facilities freehold condominium is located within a matured estate and CCR of Singapore and is also along the prestigious education belt. Public transportations options are within 5 minutes of walking from the property itself and convenience for food and groceries needs are easily met with plenty of other alternatives to choose from within 5-10 minutes of driving. In addition to that, the journey to town is only a mere 11 minutes’ drive away.

There is a saying that your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness.

And in this context alone, future value of the property is and has been already established. When you already have most of what you want in something, what can you do to create more value then? Based on this fundamental thought and removing all external factors (such as government intervention) that we do not physically have any power to change, how much room is there for property prices to grow, for value to be further added in a developed area and the type of influence needed to make this happen?

Only time will tell.

With that being said, we at TLC hereby informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual. Any articles posted here are personal views, and are not intended to defame.

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