About me

I enjoy talking about things that I am passionate about. One of those is food, and the other is property. Some people even say I talk too much. After a number of years in the industry, I have accumulated enough experience to help people make better property decisions for themselves. A property owner and investor myself, I am always on the lookout to acquire more.

I never set out to be a writer and I am not a good writer. I have exchanged many conversations about property to many people from all walks of life, and it was only in the year of pandemic, and when the government introduced the circuit breaker, (when I was stuck at home unable to meet new people) that made me find new ways to express myself, and that was through text.

I have tried to digest all these conversations with all these people that I have met over the years and realized that there is so much information missing to a homeowner/investor out there on the WWW. To many, a property purchase is the most expensive purchase of their life. Information is essential when deciding how you are going to spend a big chunk of your savings. Before COVID happened, I found satisfaction in my job, interacting with different people from different backgrounds and providing property solutions on a case by case basis. Through this platform, I hope I can show fellow property investors my thought process behind every solution that I have found for my clients.

Let’s begin this journey together!

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